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The 65th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Occupation State of Israel---By Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri

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The 65th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Occupation State of Israel

By the Mujahid Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, May Allah protect him

In the name of Allah, and all praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who followed him.

My Muslim brothers everywhere, As-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.


These days mark the passing of 65 years since the declaration of the state of Israel. And it is the crime in which America was the guiltiest criminal, a reality we should realize and never ignore, for America is the biggest criminal transgressing against the Muslims, since it is the one killing our brothers and sons. It is the one that loots our riches, and occupies our lands, and it is the one that has appointed traitors upon us. Many of the political movements -including those affiliated with Islam- ignore or are ignorant of this truth, and if they talk about the crimes that Israel has committed they blame the Zionists and ignore or pretend to be ignorant about America who was the head of the criminals in the crime of creating Israel, for America is the one that funded, armed, supported and participated with Israel, and protected it, materially, spiritually and legally in all its crimes against us ever since before its set up.

And if they talk about the stealing of Petrol from the Muslims - and that is a theft that Sheikh Osama bin Laden -May Allah have mercy upon him- described as the greatest theft in history - they speak about the corrupt rulers and ignore or pretend to be ignorant about the fact that America is the biggest thief of petrol of the Muslims under the threat of its fleets, hordes and aircraft.

And if they talk about the Arab revolutions, they talk about Zain al abideen, Kad-dafi and Hosni Mubarak, and Ali Abdullah Saleh, they talk about the revolution against those people and ignore or pretend to be ignorant that America is the one that set them up and was forced to leave them, and it is the one that terminated the revolutions and left them without meaning and drove them into a cyclone and maze that would lead to the creation of a government that is unstable in its internal and external policies, a govern-ment that does not rule by the ruling of Allah, a government that cannot root out corrup-tion in its remaining extensions, and a government that can not oppose Israel, even by a statement- simple statement- declaring it to be an illegal state. The new government in Tunisia, say that they are too preoccupied with their two issues to deal with normalization with Israel and the new rulers in Libya are one valley while Palestine is in another, and the new rulers in Egypt acknowledge their respect and commitment to the surrender treaties with Israel. Many of the leaders of the Islamic movements declare that they will respect the treaties of Sadat and Mubarak with Israel, but they only hope that Israel will keep its part of the bargain, indeed others exaggerated further to say: The pact with Israel is was permissible from a Shari'a point of view!. And if we thought well of them we would say they did not read the treaty, for the treaty is a clear acknowledgment of Israel's existence and the legitimacy of its entity in clear terms that are not subject to interpretation.

Voice of Sheikh Omar Abd Ar Rahman- May Allah hasten his release:

“The scholars of Azhar have proved in their repeated Fatwa this matter, and they exten-ded their fatwa and made it clear that Jihad of Muslims in Palestine is an obligation that must not be ignored by anyone. Here are the scholars who work with their knowledge, un-like the traitor scholars, against what the committee of Sheikh Al Azhar had approved, whereof it saw that the previous President protected the land of Egypt and freed Sinai, and he had signed a peace treaty and that it was a matter that agrees with the Shar' and com-plies with the (Islamic) texts, and thus they prevented Jihad in Palestine, since the commit-tee of Sheikh Al Azhar accepted Israel as it is, it accepted the treaty that views that the bor-der between Egypt and Israel is the border with Palestine under the mandate, so the name Palestine was forbidden and Israel was approved, and the committee of Sheikh al Azhar came to this view because they were careful for their posts and ministries and they re-ceived a ministry and administrations and posts, but posts shall go and the jobs shall van-ish, and what shall remain is the truth. the truth shall remain, that truth which Sheikh Sa-lah Abu Ismail declared, while responding to the committee of Sheikh Al Azhar, and ex-posed the lies and façade and misguidance and falsehood, that constitutes the 50 pages of Foolscap papers that they presented to multiply the punishment on the accused in consid-eration for the Devil. And this is how we find the committee of Sheikh Al Azhar, stopping what Allah had decreed and acknowledging Israel for what it is and denying the borders of Palestine that have now become the borders of Israel, the committee accepted Israel and stopped jihad in the name of Allah… that is the difference between the scholars who work with their religion and for their religion as opposed to those scholars who are agents and work for their jobs and positions.

Jihad in the way of Allah is an obligation that no Muslim disputes and all Muslims are sinning in this matter, sinning because they are not fulfilling the obligation. Jihad is the same as prayer and fasting “Fasting is prescribed for you” the One who said this is the same who said “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it”

My esteemed brothers, we must know that if a Muslim intends to do jihad, what shall he find?

He will find obstacles and falls from the person who signed the truce, the truce was signed by a traitor apostate infidel, because in this matter and in others he did not rule with what Allah had laid down.”

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri continues-

America - not only aborted the Arab revolutions, it even aborted the Palestinian up-rising earlier, the spearhead of the nationalists and Arab secularists, so it transformed Fateh - the largest of the nationalist patriotic secularist movements - into a movement that forsook most of the land of its homeland as well as a large segment of its people, for the patriots surrendered most of their homeland to Israel, and the nationalists forsook a large segment of their people and considered them to be Israel citizens, and all this just because they gave up their Shari'a and Islam and accepted secularism as a god and partner, so it was easy for them to sacrifice things other that are below this.

A disgraced hardly feels any insult Do you know of a wound that pains the dead

And then come those who call for national reconciliation with these traitors! Reconciliation upon what? On the Jihad that these traitors shun and believe that there is no solution to the PAlestinian problem other than begging on the negotiation table?

And then national reconciliation on what nation? The nation that 9/10ths of which they had given to Israel?

My Umma, do you have a pulpit * for the sword or the pen amongst the nations.

Israel raises its flag * in the protection of the Nativity and the shade of the holy Mosque.

Let the leaders in their desires * dedicate themselves in lowly gains.

O my Umma you have glorified many idols * that don’t have the purity of an idol.

The wolf shouldn’t be blamed for his aggression * is the shepherd is an enemy to the sheep.

So, hold your complaint, if it wasn’t for you * there wouldn’t be slaves of Dirhams in power now.

Palestine has no solution except through Jihad and conforming to the rule of Shari'a that dictates that liberating Palestine- all of Palestine- is a mandatory obligation upon every Muslim even if he is not a Palestinian. And it rules that liberating every inch of the lands of Islam even if it is not from Palestine, is a mandatory obligation upon every

Muslim in Palestine. And therefore every honorable and free Muslim in Palestine should unite with his Muslim brothers to establish Allah's Shari'a and ruling by it and making it the reference above all others, and unite with them to free Palestine - all of Palestine- so as to establish in it an Islamic state, even if the West and the international community hates this and calls it terrorism and extremism, that West that stole from us most of Palestine and gave it to Israel.

My Muslim brothers everywhere, America calls Jihad terrorism and extremism be-cause it threatens its interests and its presence and its entity, which is built on nothing oth-er than stealing our riches and occupying our lands and changing the methodology of our sons.

America calls the jihad in Afghanistan terrorism, because the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan refused to play by its rules and refused to hand over its brothers and because it told America with the dignity of the believer: If you have a claim then come forward with it to the Sharia court. And this to America and in the balance of its ego was a blas-phemy to end all others, so it waged its murderous campaign against Afghanistan, and so it was destroyed badly and suffered a great defeat, and this is an important and critical historical occurrence in the history of the Muslims, nay in the history of the whole world, so congratulations to the Umma of Islam for this great victory that is taking place on the chaste soil of Afghanistan at the hands of the sincere Mujahedeen of Afghanistan under the leadership of their unifying and Mujahid Emir, who relies on Allah, Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid, may Allah preserve him. And this utter defeat is being con-cealed by the media outlets, both global and Arab, who rarely mention it so as to provide cover for America's humiliating withdrawal from the pure earth of Afghanistan in a dark night and in the midst of a suspicious media blackout by the Arab and global media out-lets, that had raised the world to its feet with its noise and did not let it rest and made much noise when America invaded Afghanistan, where is it now to film the humiliated running away of the Americans instead of covering it up? The media outlets that waited with their cameras on the outskirts of Tora Bora to film the mujahedeen's withdrawal from it, dead or captured, and so now when they only have the gangs of the hypocrites between dead and injured, they did not film them.

And America calls jihad in Iraq "terrorism" because the mujahedeen of Iraq are the ones that broke its back by the grace of Allah and they are the ones who destroyed its plan to divide the Middle East, and they are the ones who are combating the Iranian plan to control Iraq and Levant and the Arabian Peninsula.

It was inevitable that the American media would portray the Mujahideen of Iraq as terrorists who spill blood and are thirsting for killing, because they are the ones who de-feated them. And it was necessary to depict the pioneer of Jihad in Iraq, the martyred Sheikh and the Emir of the martyrs -as we consider him to be-Abu Musab Az Zarqawi as a barbaric character. Every Muslim in general and in Iraq especially owes a debt to this man, for had it not been for the Mujahid awakening that this Imam enlivened, the American forces would have divided Iraq and then the Arabian peninsula and then turned to Egypt, and the condition of the Sunnis in Iraq today would be the same as the condition of Sunnis
in Iran at the hand of Ismail As-Safawi

America called the jihad in the Arabian peninsula terrorism because it sought to free the Arabian peninsula from the American influence and its agents who are supporting America in the greatest theft in the history of mankind

And America called Jihad north of Africa terrorism because it was combating its at-tempt to control the horn of Africa and the northern entrance of the red sea which is an Is-lamic sea

And America called the jihad in the Islamic Maghreb as terrorism, because it aimed to complete the Islamic jihad in it, that jihad which was curbed by the secular government that wasted its fruits, and built on its ruins a corrupt and corrupting state that was op-pressive, tyrannous and against Sharia and followed the West.

America today called the jihad in Levant terrorism, because it threatens the interest of its client Israel and because it aims to restore the Caliphate that the West had destroyed, and on the ruins of which the West set up a secular Turkish government.

The jihad in Levant today is meant to be used as an American paw, and as a west-ern tool to face Iran, but the jihad in Levant, by the will and power of Allah, is greater and more dangerous than American greed and the influence of Iran. Jihad in the Levant, by the grace of Allah, aims to set up an Islamic caliphate that will continue its struggle and sacri-fice and grants, until the banner of Islam and jihad- by the will of Allah- is raised above the mountain of Mikbar in Quds

Jihad in the Levant aims to free the Syria of Unity and Jihad from the secular Ba'ath that is allied with the Safawi Iranian expanse. Congratulations to the mujahedeen of the Levant for they have exposed the ugly face of Iran and its agents and shown how wicked its crimes are, and its readiness to violate all sanctity in order to set up an empire, and this is the third fall for Iran in a single decade.

Its first fall was when it conspired with America to invade Afghanistan, its second fall was when its agents entered Iraq panting behind the American tanks and hanging onto them and this is their third fall and they are spilling the blood of Muslims in the Le-vant in support of the criminal Baath government, and may Allah be pleased with Ali ibn Abi to whom it is attributed that he said:

“if Allah’s support is not with a person * Most of what causes his failure is his plan”

O our brothers in the Levant of unity and jihad and the lions of jihad in it, America and its allies want you to spill your blood and the blood of your women and children, to topple the criminal Baath regime and after that, set up a government that would secure Is-rael and oppose the Islamic Sharia and abide by the international laws.

So O lions of Islam in the Levant, come together and unite and vow not to drop your weapons and leave your trenches until an Islamic government is set up in the Levant of Jihad and unity that would work to revive the Caliphate and create justice, and root out corruption and set up Shura and work to free Palestine, and every inch of the occupied lands of Islam

Unite in the way of this noble goal, with which you shall gain the satisfaction of your lord in the hereafter, and His support in the world, your pure blood and the blood of your women and children are too precious to be sold in the market of American and west-ern compromises.

O the lions of Islam in the Levant, unite under this noble goal, and rise above the territorial divisions, and organizational loyalties, unite under the great banner of Islam, that has united us by the words of His Almighty:

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of
Satan.” (Surah An-Nisa:76).

America and its allies and agents and their callers will fight you and name you ex-tremists, and terrorists and Takfiris and opportunists to the end of their long list of re-peated accusations, then reply to them:

We call to the ruling of Sharia, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to Shura, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to the unity of Muslims, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to the ousting of the corrupt regime from its base and purifying the country from its aids and remains, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to the return of the Islamic Caliphate that will unite the Muslims and defend them, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to denying the legitimacy of Israel and deny agreements of surrender with it, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to Jihad to free Palestine, all of Palestine- and every inch of the occupied land of Islam, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

And we call to public justice and fight all types of corruption and offer a life of honor and security to our people and countries, so is there a Muslim who opposes that?

Tell them that we call Muslims, all the Muslims to unite and unify to support these noble goals and every Muslim who struggles to realize these goals is our brother and from us, and we are his brothers and from him, and if he is chosen by the Ummah, then we are his supporters and soldiers.

And tell them, we do not call for territorial divisions or nationalism; instead we call for the unity of the Muslims around the statement of Tawheed

O the lions of Islam in the Levant of unity and jihad; Palestine was taken from us 65 years ago; the hope for its retrieval is now enlivened by your blessed jihad

O the Ummah of Islam, and those in it who are free and its honorable, if you want the return of Caliphate then go to the Levant, and if you want the establishment of Sharia then go to the Levant, and if you want to free Palestine, go to the Levant, and if you want to oust the corrupt rulers then go to the Levant, and if you want to battle America then go to the Levant, and if you want to combat the flow of Iranian Sufism then go to the Levant, go with your selves, your money, and your experience and knowledge.

O the lions of Islam go to the Levant

O the Knights of the Prophet go to the Levant

O the Soldiers of Caliphate go to the Levant

O those who love freedom go to the Levant

My brothers, families and sons in the beloved Levant, Allah knows that if it were possible for me then I wouldn’t not stay for even one moment away from you, however my only consolation remains that I am on a front from your fronts

The lions of Islam in the valleys of the Levant, Ahmad Shauqi eulogized the Caliphate when it fell and said:
Say to the Caliphate, words of one weeping its glory * Yesterday when its setting was declared

O flame of Tawheed is there anyone that can to distinguish you * While Allah the Majesty is

lighting you

And I answer him and say

Tell the caliphate words of one hoping its return * And its rise is eminent after a long night

O the flame of Tawheed why are you extinguished * While in the Levant today there those who will light you

While in the Levant today there those who will light you

While in the Levant today there those who will light you

And Allah is predominant over His affairs but most people know not

And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe., and may Al-lah's prayers and peace be upon our master, Muhammad, and all of his family and com-panions.

As-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

As-Sahab Foundation for Media Production 1434 2013

Source: Al-Fajr Media Center

Translated by: The Global Islamic Media Front

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